Thallo® offers plant immune
systems core components for
biotic resistance.

Thallo® offers plant immune
systems core components for
biotic resistance.



Thallo® delivers four key benefits

  • It feeds the plants by not only delivering slowly released nutrients; it also feeds the soil
  • Elemental’s patented process means that valuable organic matter can be extracted through improved decomposition in minutes rather than months. Creating a clean, efficient way to return biosecure concentrated organic matter back to the soil
  • Thallo® offers plant immune systems core components for biotic resistance and its tight granular structure reduces the loss of key agents to the atmosphere
  • Soil health and quality are improved with subsequent applications and improvements in crop viability, quantity and quality. The elements of which are recaptured and recycled on the next organic conversion

Thallo® will help farmlands be better managed to enhance biodiversity from microbes in the soil for the benefit of plants, insects, fish, birds and mammals including livestock that contribute to the production of wholesome foods, healthy soils, clean water and sequestering of greenhouse gases.

The associated bone and organic waste re-use further sequesters carbon cost by putting it back into soil via our organo-mineral fertiliser where it and the associated nutrients are efficiently brought back into the nutrient cycle.

Thallo® is a multi-staged release and sustainable fertiliser with the following key benefits

  • Virtually free from cadmium that is present in almost all traditional NPK fertilisers and which EU regulations are insisting is reduced in the medium term

  • Comprehensive nutrient content – Thallo® meets the scientific evidence that demonstrates that crops grow better with a multi-nutrient complex fertiliser, including soluble organic compounds
  • Ease of application – high-density granule sizes from 3mm to 6mm which can be efficiently spread by conventional agricultural machinery. Smaller granules are ideal for the amenity market such as football grounds and golf courses, the larger being more suited to agricultural application
  • High uptake of nutrients – Thallo® slowly releases a highly bioavailable source of nutrients for crops which minimises nutrient loss, reduces the risk of environmental impact and reduces volumes of fertiliser required
  • Soluble Organic Carbon – contains high soluble organic carbon content as dissolved organic compounds. This will help to reverse the depletion of carbon experienced by most agricultural soils thus improving soil quality and crop yields as well as plant immunity
  • Sulphur – high levels of sulphur in the form of soluble, slow-release sulphates. Sulphur is a fundamental ingredient of life on earth and essential for forming plant proteins, amino acids, some vitamins and enzymes

Crop yields are always limited by the nutrient in shortest supply.

Farmers must target ever-higher yields to feed the growing population. Our understanding of plants’ needs for NPK (nitrogen, phosphates, potash) fertiliser has grown, our knowledge of the essential role that micronutrients play in ensuring maximum returns at harvest — and crucially, healthy livestock and population — is also quickly gaining ground.

Conventional fertilisers focus on the macronutrients NPK, yet plants cannot reach their full potential without the addition of sulphur, magnesium and calcium, and main micronutrients such as boron, zinc, manganese, molybdenum and copper.

Thallo® offers a simple customisable solution with opportunity for specific micronutrient variation as needed by regional and seasonal demands.

There are a number of benefits to supplementing secondary nutrients and micro-nutrients. The presence of adequate secondary and micro-nutrients helps other nutrients be more effective. For instance, boron is required to help a plant absorb calcium.

Seventeen elements are essential for plant growth and can be divided in three groups

primary macronutrients
nitrogen, phosphates and potash

and micronutrients
iron, manganese, zinc, copper, boron, molybdenum, chlorine and nickel

secondary macronutrients
sulphur, magnesium and calcium

Plant growth is limited by the essential element that is the furthest below its optimum. N, P, and K are generally the most widely deficient elements, but Thallo® also supplies secondary and micronutrients.


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Fertiliser Blends

Our patented process technology recovers and converts valuable nutrients from animal by-products and reformulates them into a high-value Organo-Mineral Fertiliser.

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Our fertiliser products are marketed under the Thallo® brand. Thallo means "blooming" or "green- shoots" and is the Greek goddess of flowering plants, buds and green shoots in spring.

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Completing the cycle

Nutrients and microbes in the soil nourish the plants that begin the food chain and feed us all. The end of that chain has been largely ignored, crowding landfills and going unused. Elemental completes the cycle by returning those nutrients and microbes to the soil to feed the next cycle.

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Where is it used?

The Thallo® high-density granules enable the product to be used for different applications

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Research Papers

Elemental has had various independent and observational pot, field and immune trials undertaken. We continue to run long term assessments of crop yield improvements and the soil fertility and biodiversity needed to optimise soil and plant health.