We deliver: Traceability.
Authenticity. Quality.

We deliver: Traceability.
Authenticity. Quality.


Protein & Fats

Proteins and fats are processed directly at source; fresh bone, meat and fat trim enter the protein and fat extraction processes within minutes of being generated, producing fresh, fully traceable, authentic, 100% pure protein extracts and edible fats that are very low in free fatty acids – all of which is fully traceable back to farms.

The protein and fat products are processed within five hours of the bones leaving the processing line. There is no need for chilled, frozen storage or transport. The ambient stable end products will have 12+ months; shelf life. Currently, stocks and extracts are imported from Brazil, USA and New Zealand. Our products are created on site at the British and Irish meat processing facilities, thereby eliminating unnecessary food miles.

All protein and fat products and produced at BRC A grade sites holding Red Tractor, Farm Assured status.

Protein Benefits

  • Fully traceable food ingredient: increasingly important in food manufacture
  • High meat content: data from independent third-party lab tests show that c.40% of the protein is derived from meat trim with the remainder from bone. This is much higher than current market stocks
  • Umami rich: reduces the need for additional flavouring elements
  • Flavour enhancing: it provides a natural source of glutamate which enhances the flavour of products it is mixed with and therefore acts much like a healthier, natural alternative to MSG

  • Low in salt: allowing food manufacturers to cut overall salt content, a regulatory and health focussed driver
  • Single specie site origination: providing customers with DNA assurance
  • A closed loop ingredient supply, meaning meat and stock from same supplier

Fats Benefits

  • FFA below 2% (expected below 0.2%)
  • Low moisture levels <0.1%
  • Lodine value 40
  • Peroxide value 23.19meq/kg
  • Insoluble impurities <0.01%
  • Fresh fat collected onsite with little degradation so it remains very stable

  • Clean white colour
  • Fully traceable origin


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The Process

The Elemental process has been designed to avoid waste by capturing at source direct from the meat processing line high-quality proteins (stocks and extracts) and edible fats, thereby retaining these valuable resources within the human food chain.

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Livestock production has sometimes been an area slow to adopt new technologies. That’s why Elemental has focused its developments on enhancing the capture of meat-based proteins, fats and related minerals.

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The Benefits

Our food ingredient products produced from the patented process are traceable, high quality and sustainable, safe for the human food chain and improve the capture of protein and fat while avoiding the creation of waste. We also recover valuable minerals through the onsite conversion of animal by-product waste streams into nutrient rich fertiliser.

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Conversion of all residual organic waste materials into an organo-mineral fertiliser, high in phosphate and rich in carbon compounds, sulphur and micronutrients to meet soil and plant needs.

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Partnering with Elemental

Flexible technology that can be adapted to fit existing meat processing facilities. Elemental can design and develop solutions to retain valuable protein and fat resources within the human food chain, and convert all other residual organic material into an organo-mineral fertiliser product.