We understand that
innovation is key.

We understand that
innovation is key.


The Process

The Elemental process has been designed to avoid waste by capturing at source direct from the meat processing line high-quality proteins (stocks and extracts) and edible fats, thereby retaining these valuable resources within the human food chain.

All other residual organic material produced in processing meat is then converted via a unique patented process into an organo-mineral fertiliser product.

This means that by implementing the Elemental process, materials that would have otherwise left site as waste are instead converted into three products that can be sold, leaving zero waste and avoiding landfill.

Effectively turning a waste problem and cost into additional profitable product lines, thereby moving the processing facility to a higher level on the UK Waste Hierarchy from ‘Disposal’ to ‘Prevention’ and ‘Other Recovery’.

Elemental Process Flow

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Our products have the tightest traceability and short chain of custody from an IdentiGEN traceable gold standard site.

The traceability chain for meat and meat derivatives has been an issue for the industry for many years. The Elemental process addresses this long-standing issue and offers peace of mind to its customers.


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Livestock production has sometimes been an area slow to adopt new technologies. That’s why Elemental has focused its developments on enhancing the capture of meat-based proteins, fats and related minerals.

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The Benefits

Our food ingredient products produced from the patented process are traceable, high quality and sustainable, safe for the human food chain and improve the capture of protein and fat while avoiding the creation of waste. We also recover valuable minerals through the onsite conversion of animal by-product waste streams into nutrient rich fertiliser.

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Protein & Fats

Proteins and fats are processed directly at source; fresh bone, meat and fat trim enter the protein and fat extraction processes within minutes of being generated, producing fresh, fully traceable, authentic, 100% pure protein extracts and edible fats that are very low in free fatty acids – all of which is fully traceable back to farms.

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Conversion of all residual organic waste materials into an organo-mineral fertiliser, high in phosphate and rich in carbon compounds, sulphur and micronutrients to meet soil and plant needs.

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Partnering with Elemental

Flexible technology that can be adapted to fit existing meat processing facilities. Elemental can design and develop solutions to retain valuable protein and fat resources within the human food chain, and convert all other residual organic material into an organo-mineral fertiliser product.