Nutrients and microbes in the
soil nourish the plants that begin
the food chain and feed us all.

Nutrients and microbes in the
soil nourish the plants that begin
the food chain and feed us all.


Completing the cycle

Nutrients and microbes in the soil nourish the plants that begin the food chain and feed us all. The end of that chain has been largely ignored, crowding landfills and going unused. Elemental completes the cycle by returning those nutrients and microbes to the soil to feed the next cycle.

Without phosphate, we cannot produce food. As an essential nutrient in fertilisers, phosphate ensures the world’s agricultural soils are fertile, crop yields are high, farmer livelihoods are supported and ultimately that the global population can be fed.

Yet it is uncertain whether the world’s main source of phosphate will be available and accessible in the future. Phosphate rock is becoming increasingly scarce, expensive to extract and concentrated in only a few countries.

Phosphorus is also mismanaged: four fifths is lost or wasted in the supply-chain from mine to field to fork. Elemental ensures a domestic and sustainable supply of clean phosphate.

Recent EU regulation changes, to allow the use of recovered phosphorus, was brought in to ensure domestic supply, as currently the EU imports over 85% of its phosphate for fertiliser application.

Provisions to limit cadmium in national mineral phosphate fertilisers exist on a national level in 21 EU countries. These are set to become more stringent in the coming years making recovered clean phosphate ever more valuable. Thallo®, which is produced from organic waste streams, provides a naturally low cadmium phosphate which is essential for healthy food production.

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Sulphur is essential in crop growth and has become more important as a limiting nutrient in crop production. The excellent sulphur content delivered by Thallo® makes it an important ingredient and meets the increasing needs of soils for sulphur.

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The use of sophisticated X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy allows us to monitor the elemental composition of the inputs and the finished fertiliser output. Our fertiliser is unique in that it can be tailored to suit specific crop and soil needs.


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Fertiliser Blends

Our patented process technology recovers and converts valuable nutrients from animal by-products and reformulates them into a high-value Organo-Mineral Fertiliser.

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Our fertiliser products are marketed under the Thallo® brand. Thallo means "blooming" or "green- shoots" and is the Greek goddess of flowering plants, buds and green shoots in spring.

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Thallo® is a multi-staged release and sustainable fertiliser enhancing yields, soil biodiversity, plant health and sequestering greenhouse gases.

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Where is it used?

The Thallo® high-density granules enable the product to be used for different applications

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Research Papers

Elemental has had various independent and observational pot, field and immune trials undertaken. We continue to run long term assessments of crop yield improvements and the soil fertility and biodiversity needed to optimise soil and plant health.