Enhancing the capture of
meat-based proteins, fats
and related minerals.

Enhancing the capture of
meat-based proteins, fats
and related minerals.



Livestock production has sometimes been an area slow to adopt new technologies. That’s why Elemental has focused its developments on enhancing the capture of meat-based proteins, fats and related minerals.

While our combined process is initially focused on the beef industry, we can achieve the same results with other livestock such as poultry, pork, lamb and fish.

We understand that innovation is key within the food production industry. Alternative products such as plant-based proteins and lab-grown meat are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, there’s a drive across the meat industry to better address consumers’ concerns and demands, including improvements in traceability, authenticity, quality, sustainability and yields per animal.

Elemental’s technology is helping the meat industry evolve and provide more transparency on how its products are being fully utilised, how they operate and their commitment to sustainability.

Elemental has designed a partnership structure for primary business development to add value back to the meat producers and ensure a great return for the food processors, manufacturers, consumers, stakeholders and the environment.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), there are almost 2m head of cattle killed for meat per annum in the UK. This throughput and our associated by-product solution provide an opportunity for significant financial and environmentally positive effects on the UK meat industry.

Consumers have become increasingly interested in the source of their food, its impact on their health, and the environment. This means food manufacturers are increasingly aware of their sustainability, transparency and traceability to meet evolving consumer and environmental needs.

Beef is the primary source of edible protein in the world. While popular, the production process is resource and carbon intensive and sees most by-products underutilised. As highlighted by the World Resources Institute in its recent report, one of the best ways to make agriculture sustainable in the near term is to improve the efficiency of our global animal protein market.

Elemental has developed, tested and refined a fast, highly effective on-site process resulting in the better use of fresh animal by-product and organic material to create significant environmental, societal, regulatory and financial advantages.

Elemental prevents the loss of high-quality protein on-site by immediately capturing residual lean meat from the fresh bones using established technology.

This safe and fast process re-introduces >20% of meat protein as ‘beef extract’ previously lost from the human food chain and reduces the related carbon footprint through better utilisation of protein.


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The Process

The Elemental process has been designed to avoid waste by capturing at source direct from the meat processing line high-quality proteins (stocks and extracts) and edible fats, thereby retaining these valuable resources within the human food chain.

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The Benefits

Our food ingredient products produced from the patented process are traceable, high quality and sustainable, safe for the human food chain and improve the capture of protein and fat while avoiding the creation of waste. We also recover valuable minerals through the onsite conversion of animal by-product waste streams into nutrient rich fertiliser.

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Protein & Fats

Proteins and fats are processed directly at source; fresh bone, meat and fat trim enter the protein and fat extraction processes within minutes of being generated, producing fresh, fully traceable, authentic, 100% pure protein extracts and edible fats that are very low in free fatty acids – all of which is fully traceable back to farms.

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Conversion of all residual organic waste materials into an organo-mineral fertiliser, high in phosphate and rich in carbon compounds, sulphur and micronutrients to meet soil and plant needs.

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Partnering with Elemental

Flexible technology that can be adapted to fit existing meat processing facilities. Elemental can design and develop solutions to retain valuable protein and fat resources within the human food chain, and convert all other residual organic material into an organo-mineral fertiliser product.