Elemental turns an international
food and waste problem
into value-added end products.

Elemental turns an international
food and waste problem
into value-added end products.


About Elemental

Our process underpins a much needed transition to domestic food and fertiliser security. It enables better utilisation of our precious food resources whilst giving back to the food chain in the form of soil regeneration and improved plant health, all the while creating a sustainable circular model that builds economic, natural and social capital.

We are an innovative, process technology, Devon based company that holds international patents and unique intellectual property. We install process technology that creates a significant income stream for food manufacturers and companies that have to manage organic waste. We do this by recovering valuable food extracts in the form of food ingredients (stocks and fats), and creating a phosphate-rich fertiliser for crop and soil enhancement.

Our food ingredient products produced from the patented process are traceable, high quality and sustainable, safe for the human food chain and improve the capture of protein and fat while avoiding the creation of waste. We also recover valuable minerals through the onsite conversion of animal by-product waste streams into nutrient rich fertiliser.

With the increased focus on environmental stewardship, resource efficiency, health, safety and security concerns, and the need for greener and more eco-efficient farm systems, our process has been developed to meet and exceed these and evolving agricultural and food related objectives.

In particular, our process delivers

Safe, on-site utilisation of animal by-products with no waste

Significant ongoing cost savings to food processors and abattoirs

Valuable, authentic Stock, Fat and Fertiliser products

Verifiably improved nutrient-rich fertiliser that benefits the soil and food supply chain

Customisable to meet nutrient specific needs

Domestically generated clean phosphate (only trace cadmium) with bioavailable micronutrients

A lower carbon footprint for food production

The Elemental Team

Meet the dedicated team who have invested and committed many years to developing this innovative and ecological recycling and recovery process.

Dean Hislop

Chief Executive Officer

Dean has 25+ years' global finance and operational leadership experience gained in private equity backed and blue-chip corporate businesses, focused on natural resources, large scale renewable energy projects and organic waste recycling. Prior to joining Elemental, he was the Chief Executive of a start-up organic waste recycling and energy recovery business, Tamar Energy Limited, which he successfully sold to an infrastructure fund in 2018.

Adrian Guy

Head of Chemistry

Adrian has extensive expertise in Chemistry and Physics (both industrial and theoretical) and in the conversion of industrial by-products into value-added commodities. He is involved in all aspects of the process and product development, problem solving and numerous R&D projects to explore novel circular strategies for waste capture and re-use.

Michael Ash


Mike has 35+ years' senior director experience in the health and nutrition sectors, specialising in immune nutrition, ecology and soil health. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and executive, with proven experience in running UK and international operations, sales teams, product distribution and marketing in both start-up and established companies.