Thallo® is a multi-staged release
phosphate rich fertiliser.

Thallo® is a multi-staged release
phosphate rich fertiliser.



Thallo® is a multi-staged release phosphate rich fertiliser. Our innovative organo-mineral fertiliser which is low in cadmium phosphate and rich in carbon compounds, sulphur and micronutrients, can be customised to meet soil and plant needs.

Thallo® also achieves a multi-staged release effect without added coatings or polymers, which is the way most slow-release technology in fertiliser currently works. Our manufacturing process naturally creates the multi-staged release effect.

The finished result is a dry product of hard granules for easy application, reduced volatilisation and leaching and requires no specialised equipment to apply to agriculture or amenity land.

Soil health – carbon enhancement

Thallo® contains up to 30% soluble organic matter, which quickly returns essential carbon and acts as a primary food source for the microbes that reside in the soil. A loss of bacterial diversity is linked to an absence of organic food matter, something Thallo® restores to the soil.

When healthy and in adequate abundance, soil has about 650 million bacteria in every gram, which fulfil some very important tasks:

Digest soil nutrient reserves and present them to the plant’s roots in a biologically usable form

Hold onto nitrogen to make sure it is retained for plant use

Improve the soil’s ability to utilise and sustain water for plant access and erosion risk reduction

Increase the nutrient content of the soil – providing healthier plants, increased immune tolerance and potentially a reduced need for NPK application


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Fertiliser Blends

Our patented process technology recovers and converts valuable nutrients from animal by-products and reformulates them into a high-value Organo-Mineral Fertiliser.

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Thallo® is a multi-staged release and sustainable fertiliser enhancing yields, soil biodiversity, plant health and sequestering greenhouse gases.

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Completing the cycle

Nutrients and microbes in the soil nourish the plants that begin the food chain and feed us all. The end of that chain has been largely ignored, crowding landfills and going unused. Elemental completes the cycle by returning those nutrients and microbes to the soil to feed the next cycle.

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Where is it used?

The Thallo® high-density granules enable the product to be used for different applications

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Research Papers

Elemental has had various independent and observational pot, field and immune trials undertaken. We continue to run long term assessments of crop yield improvements and the soil fertility and biodiversity needed to optimise soil and plant health.