Edible fats are an essential part
of a healthy diet.

Edible fats are an essential part
of a healthy diet.

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In addition to being a fresh, fully traceable UK product, our edible fats are very low in free fatty acids - a characteristic which improves stability and usability.

Edible fats are an essential part of a healthy diet. They supply the vital nutrients Vitamin A, D, E and K and oleic acid, while supporting the body’s ability to use nutrients more efficiently and are a great source of energy.

Elemental’s process turns materials that were destined to become waste into useful produce, adding energy back into the food chain at a low carbon cost.

Edible animal fats have a small carbon footprint compared to other sources that are grown specifically for their oil content, such as palm and vegetable oil.

The overall carbon footprint is further reduced thanks to our allied fertiliser Thallo® which captures carbon and returns it to the soil, and the fats not placed into the human food supply chain are migrated towards energy production.

Cattle and other animals that produce edible fats are reared primarily for their meat, dairy and wool. Together with their co-products, animal fats share the total cost of animal husbandry.

The proportion each product generates is typically based on their economic value. Products made from a material that would otherwise be wasted account for a much smaller share of the total environmental impact.


Food Ingredients.

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Capturing the fresh bone and meat trim within minutes ensures that the nutritional qualities, freshness and tastes are captured. Utilising natural low-temperature extraction, this process produces a fresh, fully traceable, authentic, 100% pure protein extract.

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Brands - where is it used?

Our process sits with primary meat processors but it touches and benefits every part of the supply chain. Our stocks and extracts are suitable for food manufacturers, food service operators and retailers.