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Jan 28, 2021

Elemental targets global growth with appointment of new CEO

Elemental, the UK-based tech company that enables meat processors to capture more protein and fat per animal, as well as reduce waste by converting processing by-products into an organo-mineral fertiliser, has announced the appointment of Dean Hislop as its new chief executive.

Dean’s appointment comes as part of rapid growth plans from the tech firm to expand the use of its patented process technology among commercial partners both in the UK and overseas.

With more than 25 years' global finance and operational leadership experience, gained in both private equity backed and blue-chip corporate businesses, Dean’s previous roles have focused on natural resources, large scale renewable energy and organic waste recycling.

Prior to joining Elemental, Dean was the chief executive of start-up organic waste recycling and energy recovery business, Tamar Energy Limited, which he successfully sold to an infrastructure fund in 2018.

Mike Ash, Chairman of Elemental said: “Dean’s expertise and know-how will help take Elemental to the next stage in its journey from the extensive research and development phase to wider commercialisation. Dean has a proven track record of attracting investment and commercialising businesses like ours. Helping us to achieve our ambitions of positive change through the reduction of waste and circular utilisation of the world’s limited and precious natural resources.”

Elemental holds patents and intellectual property for an innovative food manufacturing and nutrient recovery process. The process avoids waste by capturing valuable proteins and fats direct at source and then reduces waste by recovering the valuable minerals and nutrients from processing by-products in the form of an organo-mineral fertiliser. Turning an international food waste problem into valuable and sustainable products with nutritional, economic and environmental benefits.

Dean Hislop said: “The process technology we’ve developed represents one of the biggest innovations in meat processing for generations. The installation of our technology at our commercial partner’s sites enables them to create new products and revenue streams while cutting their costs and increasing the sustainability of their entire operations. I’m joining Elemental at an exciting point as we plan for a period of sustained growth.”

The process recovers food extracts in the form of food ingredients (high-quality proteins in the form of stock and edible fat), while also creating a phosphate-rich fertiliser for crop and soil enhancement. The food ingredients produced are traceable, sustainable and of a high quality, while valuable minerals are also captured on-site and converted into the nutrient rich fertiliser.

Dean continued: “Where our food comes from, its impact on our health and the environment is such an important issue now and our technology delivers traceable, authentic, quality and sustainable products. This addresses the long-standing issue in the meat industry of traceability.”

Having already secured its first major, international partnership, Elemental is currently in discussions with a number of other meat processors that will see its technology rolled out further within the UK and overseas during 2021 and 2022.